Can A Regular Dentist Pull A Broken Tooth? Complete Guide

Can a regular dentist pull a broken tooth?

Can a regular dentist pull a broken tooth? Yes, you can. A dentist will fix the broken tooth in a matter of time. First, he will clean the wound and apply a bandage.

Then, he will drill a small hole and place a small needle inside the hole. He will use a unique tool to pull the broken tooth.

Broken teeth are painful, and you will feel severe pain when brushing your teeth. The problem is that you cannot find a way to stop the pain. But don’t worry, if you have a regular dentist, he will pull the tooth using a unique tool.

It is one of the common problems faced by people. If you have a broken tooth, then you must have some questions

Can a regular dentist pull a broken tooth?

pulling a broken tooth

This article is for people who are looking to find out the truth about the whole tooth pulling procedure.

So if you want to know what type of dentist you should go to, then read on…

What happens when the tooth is broken?

The first thing that will occur is that you will feel severe pain. Your mouth will be swollen, and you will have difficulty eating anything. 

Can you break a tooth on your own?

how to break your teeth without pain

The problem is that we cannot distinguish between a normal tooth and a broken one. As a result, breaking a tooth by yourself is impossible.

Is a broken tooth dangerous?

No, it is not dangerous, but it is painful. It is better to visit a dentist to get the treatment.

A Broken Tooth

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Many people fear visiting the dentist, especially if they have a broken tooth and remove wisdom teeth. They typically try to avoid visiting the dentist because they are afraid of getting painful treatment. However, it would help if you visited the dentist once in a while. If you have a broken tooth, you should see the dentist immediately.

It would help if you visited the dentist with a broken tooth. Otherwise, it will be hard to treat the tooth properly. A cracked tooth may lead to severe problems; if not treated on time, it will also lead to further damage.


This problem is sometimes caused by external factors like an accident or an injury and sometimes by internal factors like periodontal disease, gum disease, etc.

If you are a patient with such a problem, there is no need to panic, as there are some simple tips you can follow.

  • Prevent the problem:

The first step to avoid the problem is to prevent it from occurring. To prevent the problem, you can brush your teeth at least 2 times daily and visit your dentist for regular checkups.

  • Avoid external factors:

If you have any external factor causing your tooth to get damaged, you should fix it immediately. If you have a loose tooth, you can take it out yourself.

  • Make a splint:

You can use the splint to keep the broken tooth in the correct position. This will help you to avoid the problem of infection.

  • Clean the area:

You can clean the area around the broken tooth to avoid any bacterial infection.

  • Fix it:

Once you have fixed the broken tooth, you can use a temporary filling to prevent the problem of infection.

What is the procedure?

The procedure is straightforward, and it is called “endodontics.” In this process, you will be given an injection of local anesthetic. Afterward, your dentist will cut the gum and remove the tooth from its socket. Now the dentist will prepare the area and start drilling to remove the damaged portion.

After that, He will put the tooth back in its socket and use a unique filling material to restore it. He will also give you instructions regarding the maintenance of the tooth.

Broken Tooth Treatment

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When you have a fractured tooth, the first thing you should do is rinse it with water. You can clean the tooth’s surrounding area and soak the tooth in water using a cotton ball. To clean the region, you can also use dental floss.

After cleaning the tooth’s surrounding area, you can clean the area with a gentle brush. You can also use dental ice to cool the room and clean it properly.

Next, you can use mouthwash to eliminate the bacteria and clean the area. You can also scrub the space with a toothbrush if your tooth is hurt. You can also use dental instruments to clean the area.

If your tooth is completely damaged, you can use dental glue to fill the gap in the tooth. If the tooth is damaged, you can also use a dental crown to fix it.

Does A Broken Tooth Need a Dental Extraction?

Different reasons lead to tooth extraction; one of the most common reasons is a broken tooth. There are two types of dental extractions: one is an emergency, and the other is a planned one.

Extraction of the tooth is a painful and traumatic process, but it is essential to treat a broken tooth. You will find the answer to the meaning of a damaged tooth in this article.

How does a tooth extraction happen?

Tooth extraction happens when the dentist cuts and removes the damaged part of the tooth. The tooth extraction procedure is usually carried out in two stages. The first stage is called an emergency extraction. At this point, the dentist will swiftly extract the tooth’s affected area.

The second stage is the planned extraction, when the dentist cuts the tooth and extracts the damaged portion of the tooth. This procedure is done if you have a broken tooth that cannot be fixed.

What is the difference between emergency and planned tooth extraction?

There are some essential differences between emergency and planned tooth extraction. If you have a broken tooth that has started to cause severe pain or infection, it is better to visit the dentist as soon as possible.

If the broken tooth is not causing pain or infection, you can wait for some days or weeks before visiting the dentist. You can also use cold compresses to stop the bleeding.

If you have a broken tooth that is not causing any pain or infection, the dentist can extract it without much trouble. But if you have a tooth that is badly infected, it will be better to see the dentist as soon as possible.


If you have a broken tooth, you must visit the dentist and get it treated as soon as possible. If you don’t take care of it, it will suffer more damage and become infected.

I hope you liked this article. Indeed, a regular dentist cannot pull a broken tooth, and removing a tooth without anesthesia is impossible. So, if you have a toothache, go to your dentist; he can recommend the best course of action.