Temporary Crowns Hurt Worse? How to Reduce It (Expert Tips) 2022

Temporary Crowns Hurt

A common condition for people with long-term dental issues is the formation of temporary crowns. Temporary crowns are usually made of composite resin material designed to last between 2 to 4 years. But, when temporary crowns hurt how to reduce it? I’m about to share the expert tips about this below.

These materials are usually used to restore teeth damaged by decay. The problem with temporary crowns is that they require the dentist to remove the old tooth structure before applying the new one. This causes damage to the tooth and may also cause the remaining tooth structure to break off.

Crowning and denting are common signs of tooth decay, but if you don’t know how to treat these problems, they can become bigger problems.

  • There are many ways to prevent tooth decay. One of the most effective is brushing and flossing twice daily.
  • Dentists say improper brushing techniques are the most common cause of this painful problem.
  • Most dentists know about the risk of tooth decay, but some don’t realize that temporary crowns can cause permanent damage. Learn how to avoid these mistakes.


Are you facing the problem of throbbing tooth pain when biting down on crown after a week or two? If yes, don’t worry because this problem is common among teenagers. 

They use temporary crowns for the first time, and they are not aware of the fact that the crowns will hurt for a few days.

If you are a teenager’s parent worried about their temporary crowns, then you can read this article to know the most effective ways to reduce tooth hurts worse after temporary crowns at night or day.

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Temporary Crowns Hurt Worse? How to Reduce It (Expert Tips)

tooth hurts worse after temporary crown

1. Toothpaste and milk

Toothpaste and milk are the best ways to reduce temporary crowns hurt. Mix milk and gelatine to make a paste and apply it on the temporary crown.

2. Toothbrush

It is the best way to clean your teeth, but if you want to avoid permanent damage, don’t use harsh toothbrushes. Use a soft and gentle toothbrush to clean the temporary crown.

3. Sugar

Sugar helps to clean the temporary crown and also helps to reduce temporary crown hurt. So, try to avoid eating too much sugar.

4. Ice

Ice packs are the best way to reduce temporary crowns hurt. You can place an ice pack on the temporary crown.

5. Toothpaste

If you are not using toothpaste, you can make a paste with a little milk and gelatine. Apply this paste on the temporary crown.

6. Salt

Salt is also a good way to reduce temporary crowns hurt. So, try to add a pinch of salt to your diet.

7. Toothpicks

If you face temporary crown-hurting problems, you can use toothpicks to reduce temporary crowns.

8. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the best home remedy to reduce temporary crowns hurt. You can mix 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water and soak a cotton ball.

9. Lemon

Lemon is the best way to reduce temporary crown hurt. You can boil a cup of water and pour it over a lemon.

10. Wash your mouth with warm water

Washing your mouth with warm water is the first thing you should do if you notice any pain. The warm water will help loosen the gum tissue and make removing the temporary crowns easier.

11. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever

Pain relievers are usually available in your local drugstore. If you have any pain, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever and rinse your mouth.

12. Avoid hard foods

If you have a crown placed, avoid eating hard food such as apples and carrots. These foods can damage the crown.

13. Drink lots of water

One of the best ways to lessen the discomfort of temporary crowns is to drink water. If you don’t drink water, your mouth will be very dry, and it will be difficult for you to chew food.

14. Chew gum

Chewing gum is one of the simplest tips that you can use to reduce temporary crown hurt. The reason is chewing gum will help you to relax and make you feel comfortable.

15. Apply a cold compress

Applying a cold compress is one of the most effective ways to reduce temporary crown hurt. When you apply a cold compress, the blood circulation in your head will increase.

Why is a Temporary Crown Used?

tooth pain when biting down on crown

Temporary crowns are a very common thing among all people, and it is painful as well as expensive. Those of you who have sported a temporary crown include you. You must know that you must visit your dentist after 7 days of wearing the crown.

Temporary crowns are made of porcelain or plastic material. There are some reasons why temporary crowns are used. Some of them are mentioned below:

To enhance the appearance of a patient.

You sometimes need to get a crown as you have lost a tooth. This is common, but if you have worn a temporary crown for a long time, you might feel uncomfortable. So, visiting your dentist is the only way that will solve the problem.

  • To cover a broken or damaged tooth.

The most common reason for wearing a temporary crown is to cover a damaged or broken tooth. In this case, you don’t need to worry about the pain because the temporary crown is not permanent.

  • To fix a fractured tooth.

The most typical thing to wear when you have a damaged tooth is a temporary crown. This is due to the urgent necessity to repair the tooth. It will be challenging to repair the fractured tooth if you wait until the end of the day.

  • To correct a misaligned tooth.

If you suffer from a crooked tooth and want to correct it, then you can go for a temporary crown. This will make your tooth look straight.

  • To prevent a tooth from falling out.

If you have a tooth prone to fall out, it is better to get a temporary crown. You could lose the tooth, which would be a major problem for you if you are not careful.


I have shared some tips to help you avoid temporary crown pain. 

The best way to keep teeth healthy is to brush twice daily, floss regularly, and see your dentist twice a year. Dental professionals often use crowns to protect the soft tissues of teeth and gums. 

Temporary crowns are made from plastic and can be easily removed. They cover and protect the tooth’s soft tissue during treatment and are usually removed after a few days. They are also called ‘band-aids. If you have ever received a temporary crown, you might have experienced pain or discomfort during removal.

I Shared different ways to minimize the pain and discomfort during temporary crown removal. I hope it will be helpful.