Who Does Tooth Extractions | Best Treatment December 2022

Tooth extraction is the most painful treatment that dentists perform. The procedure’s primary purpose is to remove the tooth that is damaged or decayed. 

Tooth extraction is the process in which the tooth is removed from the jawbone. The teeth are also known as the crowns of the teeth.

The dentist performs the process, also known as the dental procedure. The teeth extraction is also known as a dental operation.

Who Does Tooth Extractions?

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Two types of dentists perform tooth extraction. But there are cases when a general dentist will perform the tooth extraction. 

  • General dentists:

This is the most common dentist that performs tooth extraction. These dentists have basic knowledge and skills to perform dental procedures. They are licensed to perform tooth extraction and can do it for any dental issue.

  • Endodontist:

This specialist deals with diseases of the tooth and root. So, they specialized in treating the conditions of the tooth and the surrounding areas.

Why Do Dentists Need to be Good at Extracting Teeth?

Dentists have to be good at extracting teeth as well. You will only be able to understand the entire procedure of removing teeth if the dentist is good at it.

  • Here are some reasons why dentists need to be good at extracting teeth.

1. It helps them to maintain their health

A good dentist will ensure that he/she will keep his/her health in good condition. This will help the dentist to stay away from diseases and problems.

2. It helps to keep the mouth clean

The mouth is the place where bacteria can multiply and cause infections. A good dentist will make sure that he keeps his mouth clean.

3. It helps to get rid of foul odours

Foul odours are the most common reason that will make you feel uncomfortable and will make you feel like leaving the place. You can get rid of bad odours by visiting the dentist.

4. It helps to prevent gum disease

Gum disease is one of the most prevalent dental issues that will cause you pain and discomfort. The dentist will help you eliminate this problem by performing various dental procedures.

5. It helps to keep the teeth in good shape

If the teeth are not in good shape, then they will not be able to support the jaw and the mouth. The dentist will make sure that the teeth will stay in good condition.

What are the different types of the dentist?

There are three different types of dentists.

1. General Dentist

They are the most common dentist, but they don’t perform surgery.

2. Orthodontist

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An orthodontist is a specialist who will treat your teeth, and they will make your smile attractive.

3. Pediatric Dentist

They are the best choice for kids as they help prevent diseases and make them smile.

Types of Tooth Extraction

Dentists perform two types of tooth extraction. The first type is conventional tooth extraction, and the second is surgical extraction.

Conventional Tooth Extraction

This type of extraction is performed to remove the tooth that is damaged or decayed. In this type of extraction, the dentist will use forceps or a drill to remove the tooth.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

The surgical type of tooth extraction is performed to remove the tooth that is damaged or decayed. The dentist will use a surgical method to remove the tooth in this extraction.

Laser Extraction

This is another common type of tooth extraction which uses a laser to remove the tooth. Dentists will place the tooth in the mouth and then use a laser to melt the crown.

Endodontic Extraction

This is another type of tooth extraction to remove the tooth’s pulp. The dentist will cut the crown of the tooth and then remove the pulp of the tooth.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

The procedure of tooth extraction is straightforward to perform. First of all, the dentist will clean the area around the tooth that is extracted.

Then he will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area. After that, he will make a small incision to expose the tooth.

After that, he will gently pull the tooth from the gum and place it in a container.

Finally, the dentist will close the wound with a suture.

How do I get a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a painful procedure. Before starting the process, you must be prepared for the pain. The dentist will numb the area where the tooth is to be removed. You may also take some painkillers before the procedure.

What happens after the tooth extraction?

After the tooth extraction, you will be asked to rinse your mouth with warm salt water. You can also take painkillers to reduce the pain.

Why do we need to perform tooth extraction?

There are various reasons why a dentist needs to extract teeth. Some of the main reasons include the following:

  • Tooth decay

One of the most frequent causes of tooth extraction is tooth decay caused by using SodaStream water. This happens when a tooth’s enamel breaks down, and bacteria get into the tooth. This causes swelling and pain; if left untreated, it can cause tooth loss.

  • Tooth injury

Sometimes a tooth can be damaged due to an accident. This will require the tooth to be extracted.

  • Tooth abscess

An abscess is a pus that forms around the tooth’s roots. This condition requires the tooth to be extracted.

  • Tooth loss

If a tooth is lost because of an injury, it will require to be extracted.

  • Gum disease

Gum disease can cause gum recession. If left untreated, this will cause bone loss near the teeth’s roots, which could result in tooth loss.

  • Tooth removal

Sometimes a tooth is removed to prevent tooth loss.

  • Smoker

If a smoker has a tooth that the smoke has damaged, it will require the tooth to be extracted.

Other reasons

Some of the other reasons why a dentist might need to extract a tooth include the following:

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a prevalent reason for tooth extraction. When a tooth is sensitive, it can become infected and lead to pain.

Tooth trauma

If a tooth is accidentally injured, it will require to be extracted.

Sinus infection

The dentist must extract the tooth to prevent further damage if a patient suffers from a sinus infection.


Tooth extraction is the most common dental procedure done by dentists. After the root canal treatment, tooth extraction is the second most common procedure performed by the dentist. 

I hope you liked this article. I have also shared some best practices to help you avoid complications. I have also given you a list of some reasons for performing a tooth extraction. Now it is up to you to decide whether you want to go for this procedure or not.